Privacy Policy

Our security policy guidelines: for personal information.

When we capture you personal information electronically like your email address when you make an inquiry, it is passed through our secure server using encryption technology which scrambles the information to ensure it is protected over the internet. Our own email addresses here on our web site are also encrypted.

We can not guarantee the policies and procedures of any other web sites that may be linked from our web site. They may or may not comply with the same privacy standards that we do and therefore you should take care to evaluate their particular privacy standards, and procedures as needed: however there are none linked at present.

Our access policy guidelines: for personal information.

The privacy of your personal information is a lawful obligation by all companies operating In Australia. Under the Australian National Privacy Principles you can lawfully enforce access to all the information we have stored about you. You may request updating of this information, and also its permanent deletion from our records, and archives. We are willing to immediately act on any request.

In line with our compliance program we will regularly review these privacy policies to ensure they fully comply with the current regulations, therefore the directives and measures on this page can be subject to change. If this is of interest to you do return periodically to review our latest policies. This privacy policy is current as at the time of the most recent update, February 2012. Feedback is also welcome.

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